Although Delaware is a smaller state, it has no shortage of outdoor activities. From hunting to fishing to exploring, there are many fun activities the state has to offer.


In the state of Delaware, there is an abundance of state parks in which you may hunt. Different parks have different rules and regulations, so plan before you go! State parks can be a great resource to use if you are looking for an opportunity to hunt, fish, hike, or camp.


Game available for harvest includes deer, turkey, small game, and migratory birds. There is also a furbearer season if you are a trapper!


As many parts of Delaware are on the coast, fishing is a common activity in the state. In fact, many kinds of fish can be harvested year-round. Some of these fish include the American eel, the American and hickory shad, the Catfish, and the Bluefish, to name just a few. More information can be found on the Delaware Fishing Guide online if you are interested in fishing.

Other Outdoor Activities

Although hunting and fishing are fun ways to reconnect with nature, there are many other options as well. These activities are fun for everyone, whether you are an avid outdoorsman or a family traveler.


Camping is another fun activity in the state. Delaware has an abundance of campgrounds, some of which are open all year while others are closed during the winter months. Many of the campgrounds are in state parks, which feature many other amazing things to do as well.


Delaware has many trails options for those who want to get outdoors! While a few trails are advanced, many trails are known to be easy trails. This allows visitors to enjoy the great outdoors without the struggle of a hard trail. Also, there are trails for whatever activity you like to do! There are hiking trails, biking trails, equestrian trails (for horseback riders), and accessible trails for handicap visitors.

Boating and Sailing

As previously mentioned, parts of Delaware are right on the coast. This means that boating and sailing are also popular activities for tourists AND visitors. Delaware even has sailing clubs for those who enjoy getting out on the water. For many, getting out on the water to relax or do some fishing is a welcome get-away from their stress!

Delaware Beer, Wine, and Spirits Trail

The Delaware Beer, Wine, and Spirits Trail is great for those who want to get a little taste of the state! The trail allows you to visit breweries, wineries, distilleries, cideries, and meaderies all across the state! As you visit different places, you can take pictures and use the hashtag #DEonTap to share your amazing photos online. Although this is less about the outdoors, it presents an awesome opportunity for you to travel and get familiar with the state. And, you can always stop for hikes or explorations along the way!


As you can see, Delaware has an abundance of outdoor activities that are fun for the whole family. Will you be visiting Delaware soon?